An invitation to pause

SELAH is a Hebrew word, meaning to stop, pause & think. Lately, I’ve been struck with a sense that I don’t know a lot about what it is to stop, pause and think. The act of just being seems distant, unfamiliar, even unobtainable. Yet, it is so desperately sought after and needed in my life.

The act of not being someone to someone or for someone seems foreign to me. Maybe it does to you too. No wonder the words ‘just be’ are confronting.

So if we don’t know what it means when we say it, think it or hear it.. how in the world can we understand it so we can achieve it, live it and let it change us?

Being still, rested and present. Being expansive and intentional about just being. Understanding what it is to experience Selah. Being still with our thoughts. Being rested physically. Being fully present in every situation, conversation and relationship. Being expansive in our love and generosity. Living with these principles and being intentional about actioning them will produce a beautiful and flourishing life.

The heart of Selah goes far beyond the idea of simply finding more ‘me time’. Rather it is a healthy and heartfelt encouragement to be still and calm; to pause in His presence. The presence of God.

This sense of Selah is alluring and it beckons me – almost like it gently and repeatedly whispers my name. I expect you feel it too. It is the act of Selah in my life, and in yours, that will truly reap the rewards of us being our best, most authentic selves. Only then do we feel confident and compelled to inspire others to do likewise.

We invite you to be a part of the Flourish movement, sitting shoulder to shoulder with a myriad of other beautiful, unique and inspiring women. We are empowered by doing life alongside others.

So come with us, we’ll be waiting for you.

~ Amanda


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